Wednesday, February 22, 2017

BILL PAXTON - Through The Mail (TTM) Autograph

Bill Paxton
Signed (2) 8x10 Photos and sent an extra signed 8x10 photo
Sent: 02/22/16
Rec'd: 02/13/17

     I guess better late then never with this return from actor Bill Paxton. I met Bill here in Ft. Worth, Texas about a year and a half ago, heck maybe longer, but I had a couple 8x10 photos left over and I figure I would send to him since I seen he signed TTM. I was luck enough to get a photo signed while he was here in-person, but one is never enough in my eyes. Well it can be, but I had leftover photos. 

     Anyways, almost a year later to the exact date (it's one year to the date as I am writing this) I finally got my photos back signed and personalized and he even drew a tornado on my Twister photo.  I thought that was cool. He also was generous enough to send an extra 8x10 form the show Texas Rising and he signed that as well. Overall, I am happy with this return and Bill Paxton is a great guy if you ever meet him in-person. He was so generous and took care of all his fans. He even takes care of his fans that write to him too. Not many people like him left. Write to him if you haven't done so, you won't be disappointed.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

TOM HARDY - Purchased Autograph

Tom Hardy
11x14 Photo
PSA DNA Certification

     An autograph that I have been wanting for a while now that I finally said the hell with it and spent the money is on Tom Hardy. I always liked his role as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and especially his role in the new show Taboo (check it out if haven't already).

     I searched on eBay for a decent price on Tom Hardy's autograph and to my delight they prices were not bad. I specifically wanted an 11x14 Bane photo that was accompanied by a COA. There were a few out there, but I found this to be the best one with the nicest signature and even better news was that I paid half of what the seller was asking. It goes to show if people want to sell items they will take whatever and the half off I paid was more then a fair enough price. I was actually looking to pay more for it, but I am not complaining one it. Sure Tom's signature doesn't really resemble his name, but that's the way he signs and that is his signature.

     So I can finally say I got an autograph in my collection that I have wanted for a while and its a beauty. I am happy with it and I am thinking about even framing it up, but that is a debate for another day.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

KATRINA LAW - Through The Mail (TTM) Autograph

Katrina Law
Sent: 02/22/2016
Rec'd: 12/28/2016
(306 Day Return)

     Being a HUGE fan of the show ARROW and really loving Katrina Law's character of Nyssa Al Ghul, I had to send out to her. I wrote to her years back before Arrow and if I remember correctly it came back really quick. However, this time around was a long wait. I was told from a fellow autograph collector that she still does respond, but it takes a while. I guess the wait was worth it because she signed both my 8x10 photos and even inscribed her character name which is a nice bonus! Plus, she even added cardboard to the envelope to protect the photos. An amazing gesture from an amazing and beautiful actress! Very pleased with this one!

VERNE TROYER - Through The Mail (TTM) Autograph

Verne Troyer
Sent: 03/03/2016
Rec'd: 10/25/2016 (est.)
(232 Day Return)

     Let me first start of by saying that the received date is an estimate as I kind of got out of the autograph game for a while and when I got this in I just put in on the shelf. Life happens sometimes and all hobbies need a back seat. Now, since I have the time let me start this back up. So thank you for sticking with me.

     This is an autograph I was happy to get back. I never had the chance to meet Verne Troyer at a convention when he was here in Dallas. I knew he signed TTM so I said what the hell and sent off. Thankfully he signed and inscribed both of my photos. However, when I opened the envelope both photos were bent. Not bad, but bad enough for me to cringe a little. What can you do? I guess its better then not having them come back at all. Lesson learned, I need to add a bit more protection when I send the photos out to get signed.

Monday, August 15, 2016

SHANNEN DOHERTY - Purchased Autograph

Shannen Doherty
Signed 8x10 Photo

     I normally do not purchase autographs online, but this is one I had to jump on. I know this may sound morbid, but take it as you please. Upon hearing of the health of Shannen Doherty and that she has cancer and not in the best of health, I needed to purchase this autograph as she was an autograph that I have always wanted. I loved her role in Mallrats (one of my favorite movies) and I wish I could of found a photo from that movie, but there was none. I stumbled upon this signed photo that was obtained at a convention in Florida on October 10, 2009. I did some research and seen that it was Spooky Empire. I also researched the graph and am convinced its 100% legit. So I made the seller an offer that I wasn't expecting him to accept as it was half of what he wanted, but he accepted it. I was happy to say the least to finally have her autograph in my collection.

     I wish Shannen a speedy recovery and hope she get better soon. She has a long battle ahead of her and hope she stays positive and keeps fighting.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

TOVAH FELDSHUH - Through The Mail (TTM) Autograph

Tovah Feldshuh
Signed (2) 8x10 Photos
Sent: 02/06/16
Rec'd: 07/25/16
(169 Day Return)

     I know I am posting this a couple weeks late, but I have been busy as of late. In the mail I received back from Tovah Felshuh (Deanna in The Walking Dead) 2 8x10 photos that I sent that she graciously signed. I have seen her at conventions here at Dallas, but did not get anything from her unfortunately, but I thought why not try through the mail. So I did and she didn't disappoint me one bit. I really do plan on meeting her at some point if she ever comes back here for a convention. I will keep my eyes peeled and hope she makes it back. Until then, if you haven't sent her anything, please do, she's great to her fans through the mail and it's another Walking Dead autograph to the collection.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

JESSE EISENBERG - Through The Mail (TTM) Autograph

Jesse Eisenberg
Signed (3) 8x10 photos
Sent: 05/30/2016
Rec'd: 07/05/2016
(35 Day Return)

     Another TTM back from one of my favorite actors, that's Jesse Eisenberg. Once I found out that he was doing a play in the UK, I had to send off to him. I normally only send 2 photos, but when I send overseas I always send 3 photos as postage costs more and what the heck, if they sign 3 that's an added bonus. As is the case in this instance.

     I opened my mailbox yesterday and seen that I had a TTM return and there was no postage on it what so ever. I figured that it was a return from the UK and it was. It's just weird how I received it without any postage on the envelope, but hey it is what it is. When I opened the envelope and pulled the photos out I was pleasantly surprised that Jesse signed all my photos. Well not terribly surprised as he is super great to his fans. The best part was that he even returned my $5 that I added for postage since I don't have any international stamps. That was awesome. I never expect that, but more times then not the person usually does send your money back. So I thought that was cool.

     Anyways, Jesse signed 3 great photos even a photo from Batman v Superman where he was Lex Luthor. Though the movie wasn't as good as I hoped, Jesse was great in the movie. Another great success from a great actor and if you haven't wrote to Jesse yet you still have time as his play goes on till August 13. So send away and you will not be disappointed.