Saturday, December 31, 2016

KATRINA LAW - Through The Mail (TTM) Autograph

Katrina Law
Sent: 02/22/2016
Rec'd: 12/28/2016
(306 Day Return)

     Being a HUGE fan of the show ARROW and really loving Katrina Law's character of Nyssa Al Ghul, I had to send out to her. I wrote to her years back before Arrow and if I remember correctly it came back really quick. However, this time around was a long wait. I was told from a fellow autograph collector that she still does respond, but it takes a while. I guess the wait was worth it because she signed both my 8x10 photos and even inscribed her character name which is a nice bonus! Plus, she even added cardboard to the envelope to protect the photos. An amazing gesture from an amazing and beautiful actress! Very pleased with this one!

VERNE TROYER - Through The Mail (TTM) Autograph

Verne Troyer
Sent: 03/03/2016
Rec'd: 10/25/2016 (est.)
(232 Day Return)

     Let me first start of by saying that the received date is an estimate as I kind of got out of the autograph game for a while and when I got this in I just put in on the shelf. Life happens sometimes and all hobbies need a back seat. Now, since I have the time let me start this back up. So thank you for sticking with me.

     This is an autograph I was happy to get back. I never had the chance to meet Verne Troyer at a convention when he was here in Dallas. I knew he signed TTM so I said what the hell and sent off. Thankfully he signed and inscribed both of my photos. However, when I opened the envelope both photos were bent. Not bad, but bad enough for me to cringe a little. What can you do? I guess its better then not having them come back at all. Lesson learned, I need to add a bit more protection when I send the photos out to get signed.