Wednesday, June 29, 2016

EDDIE GEORGE - Through The Mail (TTM) Autograph

Eddie George
Signed (2) 8x10 Photos
Sent: 02/02/16
Rec'd: 06/28/16
(146 Day Return)

     An autograph that I lost hope on of it returning is from Heisman Trophy Winner and former NFL player Eddie George. Once I found out that he was doing a Broadway play I had to send off and try my luck. He was in the play 'Chicago'. I kept an eye on to see if anyone got success back from him and in the beginning they did, but only a few then it stopped. This is when I lost all hope and figured he was done signing as I am sure he was inundated with fan mail which is understandable.

     To my surprise, 146 days later both my 8x10 photos arrived signed and I was pleased. He signed the Heisman photo that I really wanted signed so that made my day. I already have Eddie George on a multi-signed Hesiman 11x14 photo that I got 2 years ago when I met him in person. It is signed by I think 7 Heisman Trophy Winners and counting. That's a project I will be working on for a while.

     Anyways, a great mail day and a tip for everyone, spend the time and check and see what plays are up and coming and see who is in those shows. I have had a lot of success from sending to Broadway plays and getting actors and actresses I normally would never have gotten. That's your tip for the day.

KATE BECKINSALE - Autograph Purchase

Kate Beckinsale
8x12 Photo

     An autograph that I am happy to have in my collection especially since its a Van Helsing photo and I already have Hugh Jackman on a photo from the movie. Kate was at Comicpalooza in Houston, TX on Saturday 6/18 only and I couldn't attend, luckily I knew someone that was going to try and get her in-person and he did on a Van Helsing photo. I paid the man his money (a lot less then what Kate was charging at the show) and I got my autograph. The signature is great, but kind of in a dark spot where she signed her last name, but that's the risk of an in-person autograph compared to paying for it at a convention where you can have the person sign where and what you want most times. None the less I am happy with it and that's what matters. Anyways, nothing more to say except that I wish I had the opportunity to meet this beautiful woman, but maybe she will be around again sooner then later, if ever. We shall see and time will tell.

Monday, June 20, 2016

CARL WEATHERS - Comicpalooza 2016 - 06/19/2016

Carl Weathers
Signed 11x14 Rocky Photo and 8x12 Happy Gilmore Photo

     The last guest I met and the one I always wanted to meet was the great Carl Weathers. I had 2 photos for him to sign and had great quotes if he would do them. I got in his line and was the first one as he just got back from having lunch. I shook his hand and gave him my Happy Gilmore photo. He loved the quality of the photo and asked where I got it. I told him that I found it online after searching for awhile. There is like no good quality Happy Gilmore photos out there and he even told me that I don't even have this photo. I asked him to inscribe "Tap it in" and he did and signed it and put "Chubbs" his character name.

     Next, I handed him the 11x14 photo and asked him if he would write a long quote if it was no issue. He said sure and continued to inscribe "Apollo Creed meets the Italian Stallion. Sounds like a damned monster movie." He said writing it was like a writing a book. I apologized and he was cool about it. He signed the photo and it turned out great. I couldn't be more happy with the way it turned out. Carl made sure to sign in a good spot on the photo. 
     I really hope Carl comes to another show, but he is rare and doesn't do many shows at all so I was lucky enough that he was here. That was the last graph I got for the day and I couldn't be any happier with the whole show. 

LENNIE JAMES - Comicpalooza 2016 - 06/19/2016

Lennie James
Signed my The Walking Dead Season 2 Limited Edition Zombie Bust

     After I met Charlie Hunnam I went to see Lennie James. I tried to get Lennie at a previous show, but he canceled and I was bummed as I wanted to add him to my zombie bust. I was happy when he was going to be at this show. I went up to his line and maybe 5 people in line at the time which made me happier cause I hate waiting. I got up to Lennie and he shook my hand and asked my name and he was nice as can be. He really liked all the signatures I had on the bust and I told him he could pick any spot he sees even though there isn't much room left anymore. He picked a spot and squeezed his signature in no problem. I just wish I had a finer marker, but it still looks great. He shook my hand again and thanked me and I told him I can't wait for this next season to start and he told me that it will blow my mind. Just exactly the thing I wanted to hear. A great experience with Lennie James and I left a happy camper.

CHARLIE HUNNAM - Comicpalooza 2016 - 06/19/2016

Charlie Hunnam
Signed Multi-Signed SOA Helmet

     Probably one of my most anticipated encounters was with Charlie Hunnam (Jax from Sons of Anarchy). After the debacle with Space City Comic Con, he was gracious enough to come back to Houston, TX for Comicpalooza a couple weeks later and make up to his fans that were not able to get  to meet him a few weeks back at Space City. I was thrilled when I found out he was coming back one more time. Me and a few friends made the road trip out there and it would be a memorable one.

     It started out that I got a flat tire half way to Houston which sucked, but thanks to my buds they fixed the flat in no time and we found a shop near Houston that got me in and out in 30 minutes. Can't beat that. Once at the show we bee lined for Charlie's line and there was maybe 30-40 people tops in line. I was shocked there wasn't more, but a good majority probably got him on Saturday. I wasn't complaining. I got up to him and shook his hand and thanked him and told him what and where to sign and he did. He got up for a photo with me and shook my hand again and thanked me as well and I left. It was quick, but was a relief knowing I FINALLY met Charlie Hunnam. He is great as can be to his fans and that's awesome. Knowing that I can say I met him is awesome, considering that he will probably never do another convention again.

ADRIAN PETERSON - Adrian Peterson Day - 06/18/2016

Adrian Peterson
Signed Official NFL Football & 8x10 Photo

     It was that time of year again for Adrian Peterson Day in Palestine, TX where he grew up. Every year they have this celebration and Adrian Peterson always shows up for the support of his home town.

     Now, don't get me wrong this is not an autograph signing event. It's an event to pay tribute to one of the best running backs in the NFL and show support for his hometown of Palestine, TX. Adrian does agree to sign autographs, but limits it to 1 per person which is fine in my books.

     It is always a hot days as it is in the summer so it's not going to be a comfortable time waiting to get to meet him, but well worth it when you do. A lot of Adrian's family and friends are there and he meets with them first. Then the kids then the adults. He will sign an autograph and take photos which is awesome. Now, you may get a short signature (which is AD28 or his full signature) and it is just random on what he does, but you would like to get a full signature if possible. Well, a few of my friends got footballs signed with his full sig, but in a gold sharpie that he wouldn't swap out for a silver one. When I got to him I got the short sig AD28 (All Day 28, which it stands for) in the same gold and that;s ok, but would of liked the fuller sig, but no big deal. Plus, I was able to get a quick photo with him so that's a plus.

    About 2 hours later I tried to get him again. I had a photo from last year with him and I that I would try to sign. He already told a couple of my friends he wasn't signing again for them and I was like there is no harm in a photo of us for him to sign. He was getting ready to leave and was in the passenger side of his SUV. He was signing 6 footballs for charity and he told everyone that he is done signing after the footballs. He got to the last one and said he was done. He looked at me and seen my photo and he waved it over to him. He took it and signed it with a full signature and said he was done signing and handed the sharpie to someone and then I thanked him and left. I was really happy to get a second item signed even though it was a photo with him and I from last years event.

     All in all it was a great day and I had a good time with friends as well. You couldn't ask for much more. Now here's looking to next year.....

DIANA TAURASI - Through The Mail (TTM) Autograph

Diana Taurasi
Signed (2) 8X10 Photos
Sent: 09/09/13
Rec'd: 06/16/16
(997 Day Return)

     One of my longest TTM returns to date is from Diana Taurasi, former University of Connecticut basketball player and current WNBA Phoenix Mercury player.  I had forgotten I even had this out there, but was surprised when it came back. I remember the reason I sent this was because of the ESPN magazine body issue photo. I am happy she signed it and sent it back even though it did take 3 years.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

CHARLIE HUNNAM - Through The Mail (TTM) Autograph

Charlie Hunnam
Signed (3) 8x10 Photos
Sent via a Private Address

     Today was probably the best day I have had in a while doing TTM's. Getting back Charlie Hunnam made me overcome with joy. I felt like a kid on Christmas opening up the envelope and seeing my photos signed by him.

     Having a bad experience a few weeks back with Space City Comic Con in Houston, I was supposed to meet Charlie on a Sunday and I had my pre-order autograph ticket ready as I was anxious to meet him and get my SOA helmet signed, plus another couple photos. Well if you don't know what happened Google it and read about it. It was a disaster and Charlie left on Saturday and I didn't even make the drive from Dallas which is about 4 hours. I was bummed to say the least and quite pissed off too. I thought I would never have the chance to get his autograph let alone meet him. Well today, to my surprise these showed up that I sent sometime in March to a private address I researched. I couldn't be more ecstatic about this. Plus, today Comicpalooza (another show in Houston) announced they will have Charlie Hunnam there this weekend. BOOM! I am going to go and meet Charlie and get my helmet signed. I haven't had a day like this in a while. Charlie Hunnam is really great to his fans and if you haven't seen Sons of Anarchy please do yourself a favor and check it out. He's great in it. Well, until next time, I am going to gloat in my success for today.

Monday, June 13, 2016

KATIE CASSIDY - Fan Expo Dallas 2016

Arrow 11x14 Photo Signed by:
Katie Cassidy (@ Fan Expo Dallas 2016)
Stephen Amell (@ Dallas Comic Con 2016)
David Ramsey (@ Dallas Comic Con 2016)
John Barrowman (@ Dallas Comic Con 2016)

     Being a fan of the show Arrow, I started this piece to attempt to get the entire cast on it which in the back of my mind I know will not happen. With that said, if you have seen my previous post about this photo couple months back you will know that I obtain Amell, Ramsey & Barrowman at Dallas Comic Con. Katie Cassidy was supposed to be at that show, but she canceled last minute and I wasn't shocked as she has done that here the previous year. No biggie right? Well when I found out that she was going to be at Fan Expo Dallas in June I knew I wasn't going to be there. I was asking around to my friends if anyone was going and no one was until a friend and co-worker of mine said he was taking his son there and if I needed anyone. Keep in mind that at Walker Stalker Dallas a few months back I got him Giancarlo Esposito and Robin Lord Taylor. So I think he was paying me back the favor since he knew I wasn't going. I said that I needed Katie Cassidy on my photo and he said no problem. Boy was I relieved to finally be getting her on my photo.

     A week later I finally seen him and I gave him the money for the autograph and he gave me my photo and man does it look great. I told my buddy to make sure she puts Black Canary on there and she did. Funny thing he told me was that she was not to friendly. He said she was kind of spaced out and kept looking at her phone the whole time taking selfies of her self and not paying any attention to the fans that were there meeting her. He also said he was in line for about an hour which I felt bad about, but I warned him though. I just really wish I could of been there as I would of loved to meet her in person, but after what he told me I guess I am glad I wasn't. In the end I got my autograph and now to find the next cast member to sign it.