Wednesday, July 6, 2016

JESSE EISENBERG - Through The Mail (TTM) Autograph

Jesse Eisenberg
Signed (3) 8x10 photos
Sent: 05/30/2016
Rec'd: 07/05/2016
(35 Day Return)

     Another TTM back from one of my favorite actors, that's Jesse Eisenberg. Once I found out that he was doing a play in the UK, I had to send off to him. I normally only send 2 photos, but when I send overseas I always send 3 photos as postage costs more and what the heck, if they sign 3 that's an added bonus. As is the case in this instance.

     I opened my mailbox yesterday and seen that I had a TTM return and there was no postage on it what so ever. I figured that it was a return from the UK and it was. It's just weird how I received it without any postage on the envelope, but hey it is what it is. When I opened the envelope and pulled the photos out I was pleasantly surprised that Jesse signed all my photos. Well not terribly surprised as he is super great to his fans. The best part was that he even returned my $5 that I added for postage since I don't have any international stamps. That was awesome. I never expect that, but more times then not the person usually does send your money back. So I thought that was cool.

     Anyways, Jesse signed 3 great photos even a photo from Batman v Superman where he was Lex Luthor. Though the movie wasn't as good as I hoped, Jesse was great in the movie. Another great success from a great actor and if you haven't wrote to Jesse yet you still have time as his play goes on till August 13. So send away and you will not be disappointed.