Monday, January 18, 2016

50 CENT - Bottle Signing @ Sigel's 01/18/2016

50 Cent bottle signing in Dallas, TX Part II.
I was thrilled when I found out that 50 was making his way back to Dallas for another bottle signing. He was here a few months ago at numerous liquor stores promoting his vodka (Effen Vodka) so I was thrilled he was back. A friend and I got to the store around 1:15pm and the signing was supposed to start at 3pm. Well we were the first ones there and some lady that works at the store came out and told us to wait outside as that's where the line was starting. So we did and she came back out literally 2 minutes later and said that 50 was only signing bottles and no other items so we can go back and put our items back in our car. We both looked at her like whatever. About an hour later they moved us inside to form the line. Now 3pm hits and 50 just walked into the store, bad news is he still has to sign the bottles before he comes out and meets his fans for pictures. That took an hour and finally he came out around 04:15pm. They had some girls they moved ahead of us first (maybe VIP or something). After them it was my turn. 50's security guy remembered me from last time and asked how I was and I said great. I handed him my portfolio that had a 8x12 photo and a CD cover as well as my gold sharpie. I walked up to 50 and he reached his hand out towards me and I shook hands with him. I got my photo and then his security guy shoved my items in front of him and he signed both items. I grabbed my items and signed vodka bottles and paid for them then left. Though not really much interaction, it was still awesome meeting 50 Cent again. Another great day and another great success.