Sunday, May 1, 2016

KANE HODDER - Texas Frightmare 2016

Kane Hodder
Signed Jason Mask

     Kane was someone at Texas Frightmare I originally didn't plan on getting, but I have a multi-signed Jason mask as you can see from the picture and I already had Kane on it. However, I gave it to my buddy to get signed at a private signing he was doing with Kane. When I got the mask back it was signed, but the signature was really light and streaky. The sharpie he used must of been bad cause it just wasn't as black and bold as the others. I tried to remove the signature and it was doing more harm then good so I said the heck with it I will just meet him at the show. I never met him before so I really didn't mind at all. I was actually looking forward to it.

     When I finally got to his table after about 30 minutes in line, Kane looked in rough shape. He was sitting down the entire time even for photos. He just looked tired and hurt. Maybe he was having back issues or something, but I felt bad for him. Anyways, I gave him my mask and explained the situation. I told him to sign over his last signature with a good black marker and he did just that. Plus he inscribed 7,8,9,X which wasn't on there before. He was Jason in Parts 7-10. I shook his hand and thanked him. He asked me if I had Richard Brooker on the mask and I said no, I started the mask after he passed away. He said it was nice meeting me and then I left. I enjoyed meeting Kane even though he was in rough shape. I didn't even bother to ask for a picture and I am fine with that. I did see him later walking around and I am sure his back was bad cause he was kind of slouched over, but who knows. I hope he gets better and he comes back cause I will get a photo next time.

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