Tuesday, May 24, 2016

SLASH - Through The Mail (TTM) Autograph

Signed 8x10 Photo
Sent: 05/13/2015
Rec'd: 05/23/2016
(370 Day Return)

     An autograph that I have gave up hope on, but finally came back was Slash. I sent an 8x10 photo to him last year as he is usually good about only signing 1 through the mail. Well he kept my photo and sent his own and personalized and inscribed it. He wrote R & F'n' R which means, well you know what it means. I am happy to get this return back, but wish he would of signed my photo, but no big deal, it is a success from one bad ass guitarist. I didn't even realize that it was gone that long, but he was on tour and is going to be on tour with Guns n' Roses so to even get this back is awesome.

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