Monday, June 13, 2016

KATIE CASSIDY - Fan Expo Dallas 2016

Arrow 11x14 Photo Signed by:
Katie Cassidy (@ Fan Expo Dallas 2016)
Stephen Amell (@ Dallas Comic Con 2016)
David Ramsey (@ Dallas Comic Con 2016)
John Barrowman (@ Dallas Comic Con 2016)

     Being a fan of the show Arrow, I started this piece to attempt to get the entire cast on it which in the back of my mind I know will not happen. With that said, if you have seen my previous post about this photo couple months back you will know that I obtain Amell, Ramsey & Barrowman at Dallas Comic Con. Katie Cassidy was supposed to be at that show, but she canceled last minute and I wasn't shocked as she has done that here the previous year. No biggie right? Well when I found out that she was going to be at Fan Expo Dallas in June I knew I wasn't going to be there. I was asking around to my friends if anyone was going and no one was until a friend and co-worker of mine said he was taking his son there and if I needed anyone. Keep in mind that at Walker Stalker Dallas a few months back I got him Giancarlo Esposito and Robin Lord Taylor. So I think he was paying me back the favor since he knew I wasn't going. I said that I needed Katie Cassidy on my photo and he said no problem. Boy was I relieved to finally be getting her on my photo.

     A week later I finally seen him and I gave him the money for the autograph and he gave me my photo and man does it look great. I told my buddy to make sure she puts Black Canary on there and she did. Funny thing he told me was that she was not to friendly. He said she was kind of spaced out and kept looking at her phone the whole time taking selfies of her self and not paying any attention to the fans that were there meeting her. He also said he was in line for about an hour which I felt bad about, but I warned him though. I just really wish I could of been there as I would of loved to meet her in person, but after what he told me I guess I am glad I wasn't. In the end I got my autograph and now to find the next cast member to sign it.

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