Monday, March 14, 2016

TOMMY LEE - Through The Mail (TTM) Autograph

Tommy Lee
Signed (2) 8x10 Photos
Sent: 02/25/16
Rec'd: 03/14/16
(19 Day Return)

     I was pleasantly surprised today when I opened up my mail and seen that drummer Tommy Lee signed my (2) 8x10 photos I sent him. I wasn't sure if they would come back or not, but they did. One thing about musicians is that they are not really good signers through the mail. Some are, but majority are not. You know what's funny? As I am writing this I had to see how old Tommy Lee is and damn he's 53 years old. I remember rocking out to them in the 80's though I wasn't even a teenager yet. My brother had the cassette tapes and boom box and that's when I learned about and started listening to the Crüe. Anyways, I am getting way off topic again, I had to reminisce for a bit, but today was a great mail day and I couldn't be more happier with this return from Tommy Lee.

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