Monday, March 21, 2016

ICE CUBE - Local News Interview 03/21/2016

Ice Cube
Signed Rolling Stone Magazine & 8x10 Photo

     This morning I had hopes of meeting Ice Cube as he is in town promoting his new movie: Barbershop 3: The Next Cut. He is doing a local news interview then heading off to Paul Quinn College in Dallas to promote the movie there and they will have a trailer set up for haircuts. Hence the name of the movie, The Barbershop.

     I got to the news station early and let me tell you it was cold outside. I was hoping the wait was worth it in the end. After about an hour there were maybe 15 or so of us out there waiting. Time went by and all of a sudden we seen Ice Cube already entered the building. He was let in the side of the building as we found out. So now it was the waiting game as to what door he will leave from after his interview. Half waited on the side, half inside the hallway. Well as he was making his way out it was the side. I literally ran out around the building and seen even more people waiting. I didn't think odds were good at this point. Well he came out and started signing away. His handlers were like 1 only and he will get to everyone. Well he did get to everyone thankfully and right as he got into his SUV I asked if he could sign my Rolling Stone magazine and he did. I thanked him and went on my way. I always heard he was a great signer if you can get to him, but let me tell you he didn't say one word to anyone. He is really quiet believe it or not.

     Anyways, though it was cold, it was a success. I talked to some friends today I haven't seen in a while so that is always good as well. I am looking forward to the movie to come out as I do like the other Barbershop movies.

    So I have to say TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY!


  1. Very neat! Now all you have to do, is try and get Dr. Dre to sign that Rolling Stone as well.

    1. If I told you that was possible I would be lieing to you. I am happy with just Ice Cube on it