Friday, April 22, 2016

ALFRED MOLINA - Local News Interview 04/21/2016

Alfred Molina
Signed 8x12 & 11x14 Photo

     Alfred Molina was in town here in Dallas, TX for the USA Film Festival promoting his new movie called "Little Men". He was at a local news station for an interview to promote his movie and the Film Festival.

     Alfred Molina is a celebrity that really cares a lot about his fans. He was really nice, signed what we had and even had time to take pictures. I love the remake Maverick and he has the role of Angel in that movie. It's a great movie if you haven't seen it. Mel Gibson is Maverick of course and James Garner is in it as well. Check it out. Anyways, I told Alfred that I loved his role of Angel in Maverick and he told me I was just talking about that movie to someone this morning. I had a great time talking to him and seeing everyone get their items signed. I thought Alfred would of been overwhelmed, but he was having a great time with all of us. We all thanked him and he went on his way in to the studio.

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