Friday, April 22, 2016

SEAN PATRICK FLANERY - Local News Interview 04/21/2016

Sean Patrick Flanery
Signed 11x14 Photo

     Sean Patrick Flanery was in Dallas, TX yesterday to promote his new book he has coming out called "Jane Two".  A local news station was interviewing Sean to promote his book. Being a huge Boondock Saints movie fan, I had to get a Boondock Saints photo with him and Norman Reeds which I hope to get signed soon.

     Sean came walking up to the news station all by himself and at first I didn't think it was him till my buddy Dave said that's him. So we walked towards Sean and he was nice as can be. He signed autographs for mostly everyone there, but he said he had to get in and would sign on the way out. He already signed my photo so all I wanted was a photo with him. After the interview he came out and started where he left off. He was on Periscope (an app that takes live video feed) the whole time when he left the studio and was signing and taking pictures (yes I got mine). You can check it out if you have the app on your phone. It's kinda funny to say the least.

     It was a great time with friends while we waited to meet Sean Patrick Flanery and Alfred Molina. There's not many days like this when all goes well. Another successful day in the books!

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