Friday, April 22, 2016

DAVID ARQUETTE - Local News Interview 04/20/2016

David Arquette
Signed 8x12 & 10x15 Photos

     It's that time of year again in the Dallas, TX area. That time is the Dallas International Film Festival and the USA Film Festival which fall back to back. It's a great time especially when the Film Festivals bring some big names in. As luck would have it, the DIFF had David Arquette coming in to promote his film "Orion". I just purchased a Scream movie poster photo that was signed by Neve Campbell and it was authenticated by PSA. Reason I purchased it was because at Texas Frightmare next week the rest of the cast will be there including Matthew Lillard, Skeet Ulrich & Rose McGowan. Also, Jamie Kennedy is in town this week and I will add him as well. David Arquette is going to be at Texas Frightmare as well, but I thought I would try to get to him before that.

    A local news station was having David as a guest to promote his movie and the film festival and he was to be in studio. So myself and a bunch of friends got there early and sure enough David was walking towards us to get into the studio. We got to him and he was really friendly and signed and took pictures with all of his fans. He was awesome and was joking around with us. It was a great experience overall and I couldn't be more pleased.

     P.S. i If you haven't watched the movie Bone Tomahawk with him in it, please watch it. It is a great movie. Though David has a small part it's damn good.

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