Sunday, February 14, 2016

DAVID MAZOUZ & SEAN PERTWEE - Dallas Comic Con Fan Days 02/14/2016

Gotham 11x14 Photo Signed by:
- David Mazouz
- Sean Pertwee

   Another show I absolutely enjoy watching is Gotham. I figured I would do a cast signed photo since I will also be meeting 3 more cast members in a couple weeks at Walker Stalker Con. First, I met Sean Pertwee who is Alfred in the show. Sean was really nice and was telling me about the upcoming season and that they will be introducing Mr. Freeze into the show. He signed my photo and let me tell you he has an awesome signature. It reminds me of the artwork on the side of a train or building that you see. I think they call it tagging. Anyways, it was nice to meet Sean and then I moved on to meeting David Mazouz.
   Lastly, I met Bruce Wayne himself, David Mazouz. Let me tell you he was as polite as can be and was thanking people and shaking their hands. I handed him my Gotham photo and I asked him if he could sign above the spotlight and draw the Batman logo. I seen him do that to a couple people in front of me so I had to ask. He was like sure and had me point to where I wanted him to sign. He signed my photo, inscribed it Bruce Wayne and then drew a sick Batman symbol. It looks awesome and I was happy with it. He thanked me again and shook my hand. It was a pleasure meeting both of them and I can't wait to meet Erin Richards, Robin Lord Taylor & Drew Powell in a few weeks to sign this photo.

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