Saturday, February 20, 2016

TERRELL OWENS - Ticketstock 02/20/2016

Terrell Owens
Signed11x14 Photo

    It's that time again for the annual Ticketstock, an annual event that is put on by Sportsradio 1310 & 96.7 The Ticket. Every year they have a headliner and this year was Terrell Owens. I have gotten Terrell Owens in the past and let me say he's not the most interactive person that you will meet. Then again that doesn't bother me cause I am not the most interactive person either at times. Anyways, T.O. was only signing 225 autographs and we had to get in line to get a ticket so my brother and I were #134 and #135. We were guaranteed to get an autograph from the future Hall of Famer. Hours passed and finally I was in front of T.O. and I said hello and he said nothing. He signed my popcorn photo and he signed it with his fuller signature (otherwise you just get a TO81, which I have in the past) and gave it back to me and I told him next year is his year and he just stared into outer space. Didn't say a word didn't recognize anything I said. In the end, it's all good. That's the way T.O. is, but you figure for a public event like this he would be more interactive with his fans. It is still a win in my book as I got a beautiful signature and for that I cannot complain. Another great day and another great success.

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