Sunday, February 14, 2016

STEPHEN AMELL, JOHN BARROWMAN & DAVID RAMSEY - Dallas Comic Con Fan Days 02/14/2016

Arrow 11x14 Photo signed by:
- Stephen Amell
- John Barrowman
- David Ramsey

     It is that time of year again. The time when all the Comic Cons and other conventions happen. This was the first one of the year for me and I was stoked to see the cast of Arrow. I really like the show and knowing 3 of the cast members were in town made me secure my VIP ticket right away. First person I met was Stephen Amell and he was as nice as can be. He shook my hand and signed my photo the way I wanted it and that was with his full signature that he doesn't do anymore and inscribed it for me as well. He shook my hand again and I asked him if he was going to be at Wrestlemania this year and he looked up with a smirk on his face and said "I'll be watching it".

Next, I went and met David Ramsey. I was in line for about 2 hours as his flight was late coming in. When he got to his table he started signing away. He really didn't say much but I did have to give him my silver marker as he only had one and it was dried up. He signed for 2 people in front me using my marker then used it on mine. He gave me a great signature and inscription. He gave me my marker back and thanked me.
     Lastly, I met John Barrowman. I had to meet him the 2nd day as he arrived in Dallas late on Saturday and I didn't wait around. When he arrived the next morning to his table he stood on a chair and wanted the whole room to say "Scott, will you be John's Valentine?". Scott is John's husband. What was funny and I wish I had it on video was when he was standing on the chair talking someone in the crowd yelled "show us your tits". Everyone was laughing, even John. He said "well if I had tits I would show you". It was funny. Finnally got up to him shook his hand and he signed my Arrow photo and before I left he told me he liked my tattoos on my arms. I thanked him again and that was it.

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