Monday, February 22, 2016

JENNIFER GARNER - Local News Interview 02/22/2016

Jennifer Garner
Signed 8x12 Photo

Talk about good timing, that described the morning I had when I went to meet the talented and lovely Jennifer Garner. She is in town promoting her new movie "Miracles from Heaven". I left my house early hoping to beat traffic to the local news station where Jennifer was going to be, but I got stuck in traffic due to an accident (an everyday struggle in DFW). Finally after almost 40 minutes I smooth sailing all the way to Dallas. I arrived at the news station at 08:10 and no more then 5 minutes later Jennifer Garner arrived which is early as most celebs that are on the news station usually arrive around 08:45. Well, I got there and there were about 10 or so people waiting and we lined up in the hallway and they tried to get her in to the studio, but she said no I am going over here first to sign. She signed 1 item per person and I am happy with that because that's all I had anyways. She was as nice as can be and took care of all her fans. A great start to the day and another great success from a talented and beautiful actress!

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