Monday, April 11, 2016

ANDREW LINCOLN - Through The Mail (TTM) Autograph

Andrew Lincoln
Signed (2) 8x10 Photos
Sent: 05/06/2015
Rec'd: 04/11/2016
(335 Day Return)

     Now, I don't get super excited about many returns I get back, but this one is one of those. I am a huge The Walking Dead fan and have been since Season 1. I have gotten Andrew Lincoln a couple times before TTM as he signed a Rolling Stone magazine I sent as well as some 4x6 photos I no longer have. That's fine, but I didn't have any 8x10 photos so I sent off to him last year and wrote a nice letter.

     To say he's an easy autograph to get would be false. I know a lot of people that just need him for cast signed pieces. He only does the Walker Stalker Atlanta convention and he only signs a few hundred and that's it. He donates all the money to charity which makes me respect him even more. Besides that, you may get him at a red carpet event if you are lucky, so that leaves TTM. Andrew has always been a decent signer TTM, but it takes a while to get back, if you get anything back at all. I took my chances and it paid off. He graciously signed, personalized and inscribed both photos which is awesome! I couldn't be more happier with this success. If you haven't already sent off to Andrew Lincoln, do so and be prepared to play the waiting game. In the end, it will all be worth it.


  1. Which address do you use for Andrew Lincoln? I'm a big fan of his. If you want to send it through email min error is


    1. *supposed to read mine is. Stupid autocorrect