Monday, February 22, 2016

JENNIFER GARNER - Local News Interview 02/22/2016

Jennifer Garner
Signed 8x12 Photo

Talk about good timing, that described the morning I had when I went to meet the talented and lovely Jennifer Garner. She is in town promoting her new movie "Miracles from Heaven". I left my house early hoping to beat traffic to the local news station where Jennifer was going to be, but I got stuck in traffic due to an accident (an everyday struggle in DFW). Finally after almost 40 minutes I smooth sailing all the way to Dallas. I arrived at the news station at 08:10 and no more then 5 minutes later Jennifer Garner arrived which is early as most celebs that are on the news station usually arrive around 08:45. Well, I got there and there were about 10 or so people waiting and we lined up in the hallway and they tried to get her in to the studio, but she said no I am going over here first to sign. She signed 1 item per person and I am happy with that because that's all I had anyways. She was as nice as can be and took care of all her fans. A great start to the day and another great success from a talented and beautiful actress!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

TERRELL OWENS - Ticketstock 02/20/2016

Terrell Owens
Signed11x14 Photo

    It's that time again for the annual Ticketstock, an annual event that is put on by Sportsradio 1310 & 96.7 The Ticket. Every year they have a headliner and this year was Terrell Owens. I have gotten Terrell Owens in the past and let me say he's not the most interactive person that you will meet. Then again that doesn't bother me cause I am not the most interactive person either at times. Anyways, T.O. was only signing 225 autographs and we had to get in line to get a ticket so my brother and I were #134 and #135. We were guaranteed to get an autograph from the future Hall of Famer. Hours passed and finally I was in front of T.O. and I said hello and he said nothing. He signed my popcorn photo and he signed it with his fuller signature (otherwise you just get a TO81, which I have in the past) and gave it back to me and I told him next year is his year and he just stared into outer space. Didn't say a word didn't recognize anything I said. In the end, it's all good. That's the way T.O. is, but you figure for a public event like this he would be more interactive with his fans. It is still a win in my book as I got a beautiful signature and for that I cannot complain. Another great day and another great success.

Friday, February 19, 2016

ROBIN TUNNEY - Through The Mail (TTM) Autograph

Robin Tunney
Signed (2) 8x10 Photos
Sent: 01/28/2016
Rec'd: 02/19/2016
(21 Day Return)

    I was pleasantly surprised today when I opened up my mailbox to see a TTM return. Was even more surprised to see who it was when I opened the envelope. Robin Tunney signed and returned my 2 photos that I had sent to her via her off-Broadway play. Robin has been in numerous films including The Craft, End of Days and the TV series The Mentalist to name a few. She's a young, beautiful and talented actress and I had to take a chance and send a couple photos to her hoping they would come back and they did. Another great TTM success and this year has been good so far and I hope it continues. 

HUGH JACKMAN - Red Carpet Movie Screening 02/18/2016

Hugh Jackman
Signed 8x12 Photo

    When a huge actor by the name of Hugh Jackman is in town for a red carpet event, you need to drop everything and go. That's exactly what I did. I found out Hugh Jackman was in town promoting his new movie 'Eddie the Eagle' along with Taron Egerton & Director Dexter Fletcher. I quickly printed up a Van Helsing photo (yes, I love that movie) and headed to Plano, TX to the Cinemark West Plano movie theatre. I arrived around 4pm which was way early, but I didn't want to take no chances. The red carpet was to start at 6, but got pushed back to 7. I met up with a few friends, shot the breeze and waited for the barricades to go up. Finally they were built and we grabbed our spots right up front where you want to be. Now, I heard that Hugh Jackman is great to his fans and will take photos and sign autographs, but that is never a given.
    Hours passed by and the crowd grew larger and larger, but not as bad as I thought it would be. The SUV rolled up and Hugh got out and the crowd went wild! He smiled waved and walked over to the barricade and started taking photos and signing. Right before he got to me he went to the other side of the red carpet and I was like, this isn't happening. Luckily his handler (probably bodyguard) told us that he would come back to our side. I felt a bit better, but you can never take anyones word. He signed and signed and took photos with fans on the other side of the red carpet and he was near the door to enter the theatre till his handler patted him on the shoulder and escorted him my way. He came to me and signed my photo and I thanked him and he smiled. He signed for a few more people next to me and I actually was able to get a photo with him too. He was nice as can be. Now the cool part was when he was passed me and I yelled "WOLVERINE" out loud and he stopped turned to me smiled and gave me a thumbs up and I happened to get a photo at that moment.
    It was a great night and I don't think anyone left disappointed as Hugh took care of everyone that he could. I have so much more respect for him now. He really does care a lot about his fans and that is rare these days. I just wish everyone was as caring as he is. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

JONATHAN BANKS - Through The Mail (TTM) Autograph

Jonathan Banks
Signed (2) 8x10 Photos
Sent: 02/02/16
Rec'd: 02/16/16
(14 Day Return)

     Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul....Yes, I am talking about Jonathan Banks who is Mike Ehrmantraut in those shows. I love Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul is right up there with it. Jonathan Banks has a more proficient role in Better Call Saul then he did in Breaking Bad, but let me tell you, he is one bad ass! He takes no crap from nobody. You gotta love it. Please do yourself a solid and watch both shows if you haven't already. You won't regret it. I seen Jonathan was signing through the mail so I sent a couple photos off and boom, 14 days later 2 signed and personalized photos. A great way to start the week off. Now, time to go crank up my DVR and watch Season 2, Episode 1 of Better Call Saul that started yesterday. 

ED HARRIS - Through The Mail (TTM) Autograph

Ed Harris
Signed (2) 8x10 Photos
Sent: 01/28/16
Rec'd: 02/16/16
(18 Day Return)

    Once I found out that Ed Harris was going to be on Broadway again doing a play, I had to write to him again. Yes, I said again. Last time he was on Broadway he signed 2 photos for me and I figure I will take my chances again. Plus, I met him in-person a couple years ago and he signed an 11x14 photo for me. Call me crazy, but to me, Ed is one of those actors that if you have a chance to get an autograph from, you go for it. Aside from that I do love his movies. Apollo 13, Radio, Appaloosa, A Beautiful Mind just to name a short few. Ed is one of those actors where he doesn't make a bad movie. Kind of like Denzel Washington. Everything they are in is great, but never bad. Well, I sent away and Ed was kind enough to sign my 2 photos for me and it came back in just under 3 weeks. Another one for the win column!

ED ASNER - Through The Mail (TTM) Autograph

Ed Asner
Signed (2) 8x10 Photos
Sent: 01/26/16
Rec'd: 02/16/16
(20 Day Return)

     Now who doesn't love legendary TV & Movie actor Ed Asner? Though he is up there in age (although age is just a number) he still cares about his fans and takes the time to personally inscribe each photo he signs. You cannot say that about hardly anyone. Ed is known for many shows and movies, but first that comes to mind is The Mary Tyler Moore Show. He has been around way before that and still around making films to this day. Now let me say again....What's there not to love about Ed Asner? I decided to send him 2 photos which he graciously signed for me and inscribed them as well. If you haven't wrote to Ed Asner yet, please do so. You will not be disappointed. 

JACK O'HALLORAN - Through The Mail (TTM) Autograph

Jack O'Halloran
Signed 8x10 Photo
Sent: 01/11/16
Rec'd: 02/16/16 
(35 Day Return)

    I was happy when I opened my mail and seen a return from 'Non' himself, Jack O'Halloran. I am a big fan of the classic Superman movies. Jack O'Halloran was in the first two Superman movies as Non. He was one of General Zod's trio. I know Jack was doing the comic con convention scene for years and I think he has stopped because I haven't seen him announced in a while. I figure I would send to him in the mail and see what would happen. I found a good home address for him and it seemed he was signing through that addy so I sent off and he graciously signed and inscribed my photo. A great return that I am happy about.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

NEAL ADAMS - Dallas Comic Con Fan Days 02/14/2016

Neal Adams
Signed 11x17 Print

 As I was leaving the convention I happened to stop by legendary DC Comic Book artist Neal Adams. He had a ton of prints laying at his table and one that struck my eye was a print of The Penguin from the Gotham show. Prints were $20 and Neal signed them for free if you purchased it. Thinking ahead I was like I can have Neal sign this now and in a couple weeks have Robin Lord Taylor sign it. So I purchased it and had Neal sign it. It was a pleasure to meet Neal. He was really interacting with everyone and you can tell he loves what he does and he appreciates his fans.

DAVID MAZOUZ & SEAN PERTWEE - Dallas Comic Con Fan Days 02/14/2016

Gotham 11x14 Photo Signed by:
- David Mazouz
- Sean Pertwee

   Another show I absolutely enjoy watching is Gotham. I figured I would do a cast signed photo since I will also be meeting 3 more cast members in a couple weeks at Walker Stalker Con. First, I met Sean Pertwee who is Alfred in the show. Sean was really nice and was telling me about the upcoming season and that they will be introducing Mr. Freeze into the show. He signed my photo and let me tell you he has an awesome signature. It reminds me of the artwork on the side of a train or building that you see. I think they call it tagging. Anyways, it was nice to meet Sean and then I moved on to meeting David Mazouz.
   Lastly, I met Bruce Wayne himself, David Mazouz. Let me tell you he was as polite as can be and was thanking people and shaking their hands. I handed him my Gotham photo and I asked him if he could sign above the spotlight and draw the Batman logo. I seen him do that to a couple people in front of me so I had to ask. He was like sure and had me point to where I wanted him to sign. He signed my photo, inscribed it Bruce Wayne and then drew a sick Batman symbol. It looks awesome and I was happy with it. He thanked me again and shook my hand. It was a pleasure meeting both of them and I can't wait to meet Erin Richards, Robin Lord Taylor & Drew Powell in a few weeks to sign this photo.

STEPHEN AMELL, JOHN BARROWMAN & DAVID RAMSEY - Dallas Comic Con Fan Days 02/14/2016

Arrow 11x14 Photo signed by:
- Stephen Amell
- John Barrowman
- David Ramsey

     It is that time of year again. The time when all the Comic Cons and other conventions happen. This was the first one of the year for me and I was stoked to see the cast of Arrow. I really like the show and knowing 3 of the cast members were in town made me secure my VIP ticket right away. First person I met was Stephen Amell and he was as nice as can be. He shook my hand and signed my photo the way I wanted it and that was with his full signature that he doesn't do anymore and inscribed it for me as well. He shook my hand again and I asked him if he was going to be at Wrestlemania this year and he looked up with a smirk on his face and said "I'll be watching it".

Next, I went and met David Ramsey. I was in line for about 2 hours as his flight was late coming in. When he got to his table he started signing away. He really didn't say much but I did have to give him my silver marker as he only had one and it was dried up. He signed for 2 people in front me using my marker then used it on mine. He gave me a great signature and inscription. He gave me my marker back and thanked me.
     Lastly, I met John Barrowman. I had to meet him the 2nd day as he arrived in Dallas late on Saturday and I didn't wait around. When he arrived the next morning to his table he stood on a chair and wanted the whole room to say "Scott, will you be John's Valentine?". Scott is John's husband. What was funny and I wish I had it on video was when he was standing on the chair talking someone in the crowd yelled "show us your tits". Everyone was laughing, even John. He said "well if I had tits I would show you". It was funny. Finnally got up to him shook his hand and he signed my Arrow photo and before I left he told me he liked my tattoos on my arms. I thanked him again and that was it.

Friday, February 12, 2016

PHILIPPE PETIT - Through The Mail (TTM) Autograph

Philippe Petit
Signed (2) 8x10 Photos
Sent: 02/02/2016
Rec'd: 02/12/2016
(10 Day Return)

 Now mostly everyone reading this has no idea who Phillippe Petit is. I didn't neither until I watched the movie 'The Walk'. This movie blew me away literally. It was a lot better than I thought. Plus, to find out it was based on a true story made me appreciate it more. The movie is about Philippe Petit a high wire walker who walked across the World Trade Center not once, but 8 times in a span of about 45 minutes. There's more to the story, but I urge you to check it out, you won't be disappointed. After watching the movie I had to write to Philippe. He graciously signed 2 of my photos I sent and they came back in 10 days. 

MARK BOONE JR. - Through The Mail (TTM) Autograph

Mark Boone Jr.
Signed (2) 8x10 Photos
Sent: 02/02/2016
Rec'd: 02/12/2016
(10 Day Return)

Today was a great mail day when I opened up and food both of my 8x10 photos signed by Mark Boone Jr. I am a HUGE Sons of Anarchy fan and in my mind you can never have enough SOA stuff including autographs. I already have Mark Boone Jr. on a motorcycle helmet and a 11x14 photo, but I had no 8x10's so I was like might as well send them. Mark is signing really good right now through the mail (TTM) and I have to take advantage of that. I sent my photos and 10 days later they came back signed. I was happy to say the least. I urge everyone to check out Sons of Anarchy if you haven't already. It's one of my favorite all time TV series and when you watch it you will know why.

DIRK NOWITZKI - Through The Mail (TTM) Autograph

Dirk Nowitzki
Signed 8x10 Photo
Sent: 02/02/2016
Rec'd: 02/11/2016
(9 Day Return)

DIIIRRRKKK!!!! Definitely one of the best Forwards of all-time and a definite future NBA Hall of Famer. I met Dirk a couple times before and let me say he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet and he is great to his fans. This also includes him through the mail (TTM). Dirk has been a great signer for a while now and today is no different. He's only good for 1 through the mail (TTM), but you get a decent signature from one of the greats. I already have a Dirk signature on a baseball (Yes, I said baseball) and a couple 4x6 photos I got in recent years. I had an 8x10 laying around so I sent it out. It came back in a quick 9 days. I couldn't be more happy. If you haven't done so, I recommend sending to Dirk via the American Airlines Center. Who knows how much longer he will be playing.

Friday, February 5, 2016

MO'NIQUE - Local News Station 02/05/2016

Signed (2) 8x10 Photos

 This morning I met Actress & Comedian Mo'Nique. You may know her from the movie Precious. Mo'Nique is in town for her stand-up comedy that she will be performing this weekend at the Improv in Addison, TX. She was at a local news station this morning promoting that. Now let me tell you, Mo'Nique is such a sweetheart. About 5 of us autograph collectors went up to her after she left the station and she had about 7 people in her entourage. She stopped and signed and took photos with all of us and she couldn't have been much nicer about it. It was freezing cold out and it didn't faze her one bit. Such a nice woman and I am glad I got to meet her today.

SGT. SLAUGHTER - Local News Station 02/05/2016

Sgt. Slaughter
Signed 8x10 Photo

 This morning I had the honor to meet one of my favorite wrestlers I watched growing up. That would be WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter. I was stoked to meet him that's all there really is to say about that. He was in town to promote Wrestlemania 32 which takes place here in a few months. He arrived at the local news station for his interview and there were maybe 10 of us waiting to meet him as he walked up. He graciously signed 1 photo for everyone and had a smile the whole time though it was freezing outside. After his interview he came back out and took a few photos with people, but I stayed back as I got what I wanted and that was my autograph. A great guy that loves his fans. You can't ask for more than that.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

TOM BERENGER - Through The Mail (TTM) Autograph

Tom Berenger

Signed (2) 8x10 Photos
Sent: 01/26/2016
Rec'd: 02/03/2016
(7 Day Return)

Today was a good day (as Ice Cube says) as I received back my 2 photos signed by Tom Berenger. I had these photos saved already as last year he was supposed to be in Dallas for a film festival, but he never showed up. As I recall I think it was health reasons like a bad back if I can remember correctly. However, I thought why not send the photos to him to sign and that's what I did. Tom graciously signed both photos and even inscribed them. That was awesome to see. What wasn't awesome to see is that the photos came back bent in the mail. Not terribly, but enough to bother me a bit. It's all good though, I am going to place these in my portfolio with my other graphs and move on. Another quick success from a great actor and being back to sending TTM's again is great as it always was. Glad to be back and wait anxiously for more TTM's to show up!