Friday, February 19, 2016

HUGH JACKMAN - Red Carpet Movie Screening 02/18/2016

Hugh Jackman
Signed 8x12 Photo

    When a huge actor by the name of Hugh Jackman is in town for a red carpet event, you need to drop everything and go. That's exactly what I did. I found out Hugh Jackman was in town promoting his new movie 'Eddie the Eagle' along with Taron Egerton & Director Dexter Fletcher. I quickly printed up a Van Helsing photo (yes, I love that movie) and headed to Plano, TX to the Cinemark West Plano movie theatre. I arrived around 4pm which was way early, but I didn't want to take no chances. The red carpet was to start at 6, but got pushed back to 7. I met up with a few friends, shot the breeze and waited for the barricades to go up. Finally they were built and we grabbed our spots right up front where you want to be. Now, I heard that Hugh Jackman is great to his fans and will take photos and sign autographs, but that is never a given.
    Hours passed by and the crowd grew larger and larger, but not as bad as I thought it would be. The SUV rolled up and Hugh got out and the crowd went wild! He smiled waved and walked over to the barricade and started taking photos and signing. Right before he got to me he went to the other side of the red carpet and I was like, this isn't happening. Luckily his handler (probably bodyguard) told us that he would come back to our side. I felt a bit better, but you can never take anyones word. He signed and signed and took photos with fans on the other side of the red carpet and he was near the door to enter the theatre till his handler patted him on the shoulder and escorted him my way. He came to me and signed my photo and I thanked him and he smiled. He signed for a few more people next to me and I actually was able to get a photo with him too. He was nice as can be. Now the cool part was when he was passed me and I yelled "WOLVERINE" out loud and he stopped turned to me smiled and gave me a thumbs up and I happened to get a photo at that moment.
    It was a great night and I don't think anyone left disappointed as Hugh took care of everyone that he could. I have so much more respect for him now. He really does care a lot about his fans and that is rare these days. I just wish everyone was as caring as he is. 


  1. Very cool! It's nice to see a big name star take that kind of time to interact with their fans. And, it sounds like his "handler was a pretty nice guy too.

    1. Yes indeed! He was really nice as well as his handler. Nights like these you don't ever forget